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The RAMS Club hosts several events and Fly-ins throughout the year.

Below is a list of upcoming events.  A new list is published each February.

War Bird Event |  April 6-9th

Heli Event | June23-25th

Swap Meet |
August 5th

Electric Only) | August 25-27th

Boy Scout Community Event
| September 9th

Giant Scale | October 6-8th

2017 Event Schedule (Click HERE for a Printable Schedule)
Click HERE to go to the event page on RCFLIGHTDECK.COM
Support the RAMS Club 11th anniversary Swap Meet and In-Door Fly-In.  Bring your small foamy’s and small quads (no brushless quads) and fly indoors with over 16,000+ sq.ft. with high ceilings.  It’s sure to be a blast
Click on any Flyer Thumbnail for a printable flyer
This event will be really special with some great surprise events.  Click the flyer for details.
Our annual Electric Only event.  From Giant Scale to mini quads if it's battery powered, you can fly it here.
This year's annual Community event features a local Boy Scout trip learning to fly RC.  Evryone is welcome to watch.
Our annual Giant Scale event.  Old IMAA rules: 80 inch for Monoplanes and 60 inch for Biplanes.  Turbines welcomee
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